Bring us any number of logs that meet the conditions listed below. Our mill will cut them up into 1″ boards and together we will split the lumber as follows: two for us, one for you. We cover the cost of the blade(s). If we run into a foreign object like a nail or wire, you pay a $5 blade charge for every foreign object we run into (please note: we have run into as many as 40-50 nails in a single tree). Please call or text Art at (816)-889-8807 before bringing your logs. Also, please call or text if you have any questions.

Logs must be:

  • walnut or cherry
  • straight or have very little sweep (curvature)
  • clean (free of mud, rocks and foreign objects that can damage the blade)
  • trimmed (free of branches that require a chainsaw to remove)
  • at least 14″ in diameter inside the bark on the small end
  • no larger than 60″ in diameter
  • at least 53″ long
  • no longer than 16′
  • solid (no or very little decay)
  • free of ring shake or ring separation
  • felled within 6 months
  • delivered at your expense

Note: We also buy timber logs that meet the conditions listed above. Currently, we are paying $.50/bf for walnut, $.35/bf for cherry, and $.15/bf for oak. Volume is calculated using the International 1/4″ Log Scale (all measurements are rounded down). We also buy yard logs that meet most of the conditions above (call to ask which ones). For yard logs, we pay you $2/mile one way to deliver them (mileage is figured using Google Maps). If, when we see them, they have blue stain or other evidence of foreign objects in them, we will NOT buy them, but you may leave them as they can be turned into firewood.