Kansas City, MO Sawmill Services



We have a limited amount of rough-cut lumber for sale. All of it is green – freshly cut – but fairly easy to air dry. Save money by buying green lumber and drying it at home in your basement, work shop, or spare bed room; it can even be dried outside if properly protected from the elements. Go to the “For Sale” page to see what we have in stock.


Bring us a log or several logs and we can cut them to your specifications.  You can drop them off and we will let you know when the lumber is ready for pick-up. Currently, our mill can easily handle logs that are 16 feet long and have a diameter of 25 inches. Longer and larger diameter logs require a special handling fee.

Our Fees:

  • 50 cents per unit of volume (board feet), $75 minimum
  • $40 minimum for each log
  • $25 log cleaning fee for every log that is dirty (mud, sand, and/or rocks)
  • Extra charges apply to oversized logs (length or diameter), quarter sawing, short logs (<53″ long), foreign objects (nails, wire, etc.), cross cutting, thin boards (<1″ thick), really hard wood (barn lumber, dried hedge, etc.), and chemically treated wood (railroad ties, etc.).
  • Volume (board feet) is calculated by measuring the largest diameter (including the bark if there is any) and the longest length.

Call or text us for more information at 816-889-8807, or email us at