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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is green lumber?

Green lumber is lumber straight off the mill. It has not been air dried or kiln dried. After our lumber is cut, we stack it with stickers to promote air drying out of the weather.

  1. What is rough cut lumber?

Rough cut lumber is lumber that has not been planed. It has a semi-rough surface, so it is perfect for outdoor, indoor, and artistic projects.

  1. Can you plane lumber to make it smooth?

Yes, usually we can plane one or both sides of a board for an additional charge of $35/hour. The minimum thickness we can plane your board to is 5/8”. Not every board can be perfectly smoothed with a planer.

  1. Why is a band sawmill better than a circular sawmill?

Band sawmills waste less wood because the bandsaw blade is generally 50% thinner than a circular saw blade. A band sawmill turns less of your lumber into sawdust.

  1. How can I save money on lumber?

Save money by doing the finishing work yourself. After a board comes off the mill, a lot of work goes into it before it’s put on a box store shelf. It needs to be graded, sorted, dried, planed, and edged. When you buy lumber from us, you are getting quality hardwood at a better price than commercial lumber, so you can stretch your project dollars.

  1. How is your lumber superior?

Our lumber is superior because we sell it by the log, not by the board. That way, you get matching grain, color, and other characteristics in every batch. We have live, or natural, edges, bookmatched pieces, and thicker boards: things you won’t find at a box store.

Also, when you have your logs cut by us, you can have specialty lumber not found just anywhere: walnut, hackberry, elm, hedge, cottonwood, sycamore, etc.  Every wood has unique characteristics, both strengths and weaknesses.  Step outside the box (store) and try working with hardwoods other than oak and maple.

  1. What is bookmatched lumber?

Since we cut and sell by the log, you get a bookmatched, or sequenced, lumber set, which adds beauty and consistency to furniture, instruments, and many other projects.

  1. I cut a few logs from my woods I would like to get lumber from. What do I do now?

Load them up on your trailer and bring them to KC Sawmill. Once at our place, we can help unload them. We saw each log according to your cut list specifications and call you when the boards are ready for pick up. Please remember that the quality of your lumber is only as good as the quality of your log.

  1. Where can I find logs?

If you don’t have access to logs on your property you, can salvage downed logs after storms, purchase lower grade logs from a local logging company, or ask a local tree trimming company if you can help them dispose of unwanted logs.

Any more questions?  Call or text KC Sawmill at 816-889-8807. Or you can email us at art@kcsawmill.com.