Welcome to KC Sawmill!

KC Sawmill is located about 45 minutes northeast of Kansas City, in rural Ray County. We sell rough cut lumber and perform custom sawmilling services that turn your logs into lumber. Bring your logs over and we can cut them to your specifications – boards, slabs, etc. We also have a chainsaw mill that we can use to slab your logs at your place.

Rough cut lumber is the affordable solution to expensive retail lumber. Save money on your woodworking and home improvement projects by turning your logs into rough cut lumber with our Kansas City area sawmill.

Call or text us at KC Sawmill for more information at 816-889-8807, or email us at art@kcsawmill.com.



55 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have a large pin oak in my yard that needs to go, and I’d like to get something useful out of it. The log would probably be 2′ diameter and 10-12 ft. length. I’ve heard mixed things about pin oak lumber in terms of quality (and smell). Thoughts? Do you mill much pin oak?


  2. Hello,
    I’m David Peery in Southern Oklahoma
    and I noticed that you have a Lucas Sawmill and was wondering how well does it work?


  3. Are you able to cut a 2.5″ thick live edge slab of maple at 95″ by 40″ into two pieces, leaving one at 1.5″ thick and the other at 1″ thick? I want to make it into a counter top. If so what is a rough estimate?
    Thank you for your time.


    • No. The thickness of the band saw blade is about .125″ (1/8 inch). Also, if there is any twisting or cupping in the original slab, the two slabs produced would NOT be uniformly thick. Nevertheless, depending on how you want to put your counter top together, your slab could still be milled and used for your project. Please call me at (816) 889-8807 to discuss this further.


  4. Just recently picked up some Walnut and some Elm from Art. A friend and I went there to pick up some lumber, and ended up spending half hour looking at the lumber and almost 45 minutes talking about other projects/lumber that has come through the Mill. I already have plans of making more trips out to see Art.


  5. Looking for some dimensional hardwood to use for a floor of a old haywagon. Will need 14′ long , enough to do a solid 8′ wide, have ideas?


  6. Do you have connections to anyone who would have front roller bearings for carriage for a Foley Belsaw M -14 sawmill part number4669065?? Thanks


  7. If i brought in about a 3′ diameter log, what would it cost to get it cut into slices about 3″ thick. Maybe 10 to 12 slices. Thank you.

    Jessie mace


  8. My Great-Great Grand-father Founded Johnson and Moore saw-millers in late 1800’s. I was wondering if you knew if the business is still open under a different name . They were in Clay county


    • I have not heard of them – sorry! I checked the listings for mills doing business in Clay Co. in the MO Dept of Conservation Sawmill Listings and they just list KC Sawmill and a mill in St. Joseph.


  9. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for checking out my website. The YouTube video was made by a fellow sawyer, Tom the Sawyer, from KS. As I cut logs I post the boards on craigslist (search term is kcsawmill). Let me know if there is something specific you are looking for.



  10. Found your site via your Craig’s List ad for hedge lumber. Good to know there is someone else out there providing milling services and keeping logs out of the landfill.
    Good luck with your business !!


    • Thanks for the comment, Tom. I have already recommended you to a landowner in Kansas. BTW, I was impressed by your Youtube trailer video. I ‘d like to meet you and your trailer in person – when can I come out?

      Best regards,


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